Opportunities for young learners to explore

This uniqueness is supported and enhanced by a learning environment that is respectful of the child as he/she seeks to make meaning of the socio-cultural context in which he/she lives.

EtonHouse provides a curriculum approach that represents the best in 21st century pedagogical thinking from around the world.

Playgroup: 10 – 17 months

The playgroup class at EtonHouse offers our young learners the opportunity to explore and investigate within a purposefully planned, safe and stimulating environment. Children learn through their active engagement with a range of materials that offer multiple opportunities. Learning experiences are devised in light of children’s responses to those offered, and take account of children’s interest and developmental needs.

Sensory explorations play a significant role in the Playgroup programme. Children use their senses of touch, sight, smell, hearing and, on occasion, taste as they engage with a range of materials including paint, water, sand, clay, fabric and so on.

A specific focus for the Playgroup programme is for children to deepen their relationships with their care givers and to build connections with other adults and children they encounter in school. Individual and group learning experiences are intentionally planned to promote social interactions through shared learning spaces and resources. Space and time is also provided to enable children to investigate alone.

As children become familiar with learning environments in the school and build up their trust in those they encounter, we support them in becoming more independent; building their confidence to make decisions for themselves. As children build strong connections with the materials and experiences they encounter at EtonHouse we see an increase in their attention and concentration.

The ages of six months to 24 months sees significant development in children’s mobility. Learning experiences are designed to encourage the development of motor skills and control, and encourage children to crawl, stand, walk, run, jump, etc.

In Playgroup language learning is contextualized; the children encounter English and Mandarin used in a meaningful way within their play and routine tasks (such as snack, Music sessions, Circle Times, etc).

This page was last edited on December 17, 2021