Xi’an Gaoxin campus


EtonHouse Pre-School – Gaoxin campus is located in the core area of the high-tech CBD, with a building area of about 5,000 Square meters. The modern and simple architectural style supply a free and cheerful journey for children to explore. From the perspective of children’s view and education concept, the internal design is a “ world culture field” that integrates book, art, exploration, nature and ecology. It hopes to create an internal perception system for children that is closer to nature and space prototypes. Let the children grow in an enlightening space more imaginative environment. We hope that it can insert a pair of dream wings for the child’s imagination.

Principal's welcome

A good school is a place where love and wisdom are gathered. Every child can be respected and understood. Every teacher can follow the law of education, respect the differences in personality; We need to make way and build bridges for more children, we hope we can give the best of everything and the best of childhood to our kids.


Multifunctional Hall


Arts and Crafts

Woodcraft Workshop


Ball Pool

Scientific Discovery Room

Art Concern



Magic Bakery

Sinology classroom

Outdoor facilities.

Outdoor playground.



Admissions Checklist
1. Make an appointment by phone call.
2. Bring copies of children's household register (home page and children's page), copies of id CARDS of both parents;
3. Fill in the admission form at the front desk and pay the fee to the financial department.

Year Level Placement(2020-2021)

Year Level Age Date of Birth
Baby class 2-3 years old 2017.9.1-2018.8.31
Kinder class 3-4 years old 2016.9.1-2017.8.31
Junior class 4-5 years old 2015.9.1-2016.8.31
Senior class 5-6 years old 2014.9.1-2015.8.31

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