EtonHouse Pre-School at Robertson Walk is located in a pristine recreational and commercial district in Singapore’s Robertson Quay.

Spanning 11,000 square feet, it features an innovative learning environment specially designed to stimulate the learning and development of young children between 18 months to 6 years of age. The learning environment includes an indoor playground equipped with unique open-ended learning materials, dedicated ateliers for Art, Light, Music and Movement, offering children countless opportunities to engage and learn across multiple disciplines.

The school offers the renowned EtonHouse Inquire Think Learn pedagogy – a research based inquiry curriculum in line with global best practice. EtonHouse children move beyond the acquisition of knowledge into the realms of skill building and the development of reflective attitudes towards life and community. The well-rounded, holistic and integrated curriculum encourages children to stretch their imagination, think independently and be inspired to learn.

Children are also be offered a unique bilingual programme immersed in both English and Mandarin. Designed by a team of early years experts, the bilingual programme features an integrated dual language environment, ensuring that children pick up both languages spontaneously through a range of meaningful hands-on learning experiences. Japanese and other language options are also available.

At EtonHouse, we provide an environment with a wonderful mix of Singaporean and expatriate families. Immersed in this multi-cultural environment, children learn how to respect diverse traditions and interact with teachers and children from other nationalities. Graduates from EtonHouse pre-schools have excelled when they progressed to both local primary schools as well as International Primary Schools, establishing themselves as well-balanced children who are confident, intellectually curious, open-minded and creative in spirit.

Contact: +65 62211050 /

Address: Robertson Walk, 11 Unity Street, #02-20, Singapore 237995

This page was last edited on March 25, 2019