Nanjing – EtonHouse International School

EtonHouse International School Nanjing is a thriving and connected learning community where you and your child will experience a sense of belonging, through friendship and the joy of working together. Fundamental to the ongoing success of our school and happiness of our school community, are the positive partnerships that exist between all of our stakeholders.

We are a community of learners determined to make the world a better, cleaner, innovative, kinder and more peaceful place.

EtonHouse Nanjing students are making the most of a world of opportunities and challenges presented to them. From the classroom opportunities, to field trips, concerts, plays, performances, camps, market days and Student Council activities they develop a greater understanding of self, and their place in the world.

Recognizing that our most important asset is our staff, we are a community where positive and cooperative relationships are central to our ethos as an IB school. Practices that nurture relationships between staff, students and parents are embedded in school life. There is a culture of mutual respect that supports global connection and international mindedness. Our staff come from a diverse section of nationalities and countries including Australia, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Scotland, USA and Canada and have taught in a number of countries. They combine to bring with them a vast array of teaching expertise, including second language acquisition experience.

The International Baccalaureate requires teachers to regularly undertake professional development, meet regularly to discuss teaching practices and to develop and hone their skills, and thus is valued by teachers looking for excellence in schools and attracts quality teachers.

Likewise, EtonHouse works very closely with The Reggio Emilia Organization in Italy, now regarded as the premier early learning teaching approach, and has been adopted as the pedagogical underpinnings for early years students in the IB curriculum framework and EtonHouse. We actively encourage prenatal involvement and participation in many areas of school life.

Our newly formed parent association and executive are keen to use the school to enhance the learning opportunities so that parents can better understand and participate in their child’s education in a meaningful and informed way. We are a safe, supportive, and inclusive community that provides a holistic education that focuses on the personal, intellectual and physical development of each learner.

Developing English as an additional language is a foundation for many of our students and for our native English speakers continuing and enriching their home language while developing cultural awareness of their host country China. At the same time, learning Mandarin for real purposes is also an important achievement of living in a different country.

Our smaller class numbers allow us to personalize and individualize our approach to offer all our students learning opportunities that enhance their interests, strengths and future goals. For all our students their personal, social, emotional well-being is central to our work and we have formal and informal processes to support connections that enables students to seek support if they need it at each stage of schooling.

In our Kindergarten programme students learn how to socialize, regulate their emotions and deal with frustrations, as well as learn, explore and inquire into their world, empowering them to stretch their imaginations and embed the foundational skills that will underpin their future learning.

Our primary PYP programme assists students to develop their foundational literacy skills and numeracy understanding that enable them to ask questions and seek answers while developing dispositions that will carry on throughout their life. Through our Middle Years Programme in grade 7, 8 and 9 students build enthusiasm and academic skills, while learning to take a more critical stance, see differing perspectives and make global connection as they develop deep understanding of big ideas that can transfer across learning areas and situations.

In the High School, students begin to focus their studies on areas of interest in the popular and internationally recognised IGCSE, where more formal study takes place and they become familiar with exams and develop sustained study and connections with subject areas. They then move to the Cambridge ‘A' levels, a world class and highly regarded post-secondary qualification.

Opportunities for extra curricula activities abound and our smaller numbers mean that learning often takes place off campus. They connect with museums, business, sporting and cultural events around the city, trips and camps in other parts of China.

Our dedicated teachers work cogently and creatively to cultivate the skills and attitudes necessary for success in university and beyond while supporting their sense of responsibility to understand and work towards motive action for global issues.

EtonHouse Nanjing is a community you will feel connected to quickly. You will recognize the care, understanding and passion of its dedicated and highly effective teachers. We look forward to welcoming your family to explore and experience our EtonHouse Nanjing family.


Address: No.8 Qing’ao Nan Lu, Jianye District, Nanjing
Tel.: +86 25 86696778


This page was last edited on June 23, 2021