Nanjing Yanlord


Located in Jiangwan Yanlord housing estate in the Nanjing Hexi international business district, EtonHouse International Pre-School at Nanjing Yanlord offers the renowned EtonHouse Inquire – Think - Learn curriculum founded on research-based best practice with a focus on the early childhood years.

The school has a total area of 3200㎡with a large space for outdoor activities, and it is equipped with libraries, multi-functional ateliers and beautifully designed classroom with large windows.

The child-responsive curriculum is delivered by highly qualified international and local educators and focuses on strengthening the young learner's relationship within the social-cultural context. Children will be immersed in an integrated bilingual environment and exposed to both English and Mandarin at all times, allowing them to pick up both languages spontaneously and effectively in a natural environment. The school also places emphasis on the holistic development of children by enhancing their thinking, communication, problem-solving, social and interpersonal skills in a multi-cultural environment.


This page was last edited on November 26, 2020