EtonHouse International Pre-School, Kunming is the first branch school set up by EtonHouse International Education Group in Yunnan Province. The school is located in the beautiful Yunnan Art Park near Dianchi Lake. It’s expected that there will be 15 classes which can accommodate about 400 students from 2 to 6 years old.

EtonHouse respect environment as the third teacher. Therefore, the environment was paid special attention to in respect to the learning significance, the interaction with children and the aesthetic connotation. As a result, a natural, fresh and ecological style exists everywhere at the whole campus. With twining streams, trees in lines, blossoming flowers and soft and green lawns, the children’s cycle path passes through the corridor and gradually enters the depths of the flower sea.

Exploratory and challenging physical development equipment with the raw material of environmentally-friendly solid wood, cordage, etc, can be seen everywhere. In addition, there are fruit tree areas, gardening and flower areas and vegetable planting areas where children can participate in planting independently and perceive the meaning of life and the beauty of growth in the close interaction with nature.

This page was last edited on January 27, 2021