EtonHouse is headquartered in Singapore with more than 100 international schools and pre-schools spread across 12 countries. Together these schools provide high quality international education to over 10,000 children globally.

EtonHouse international pre-school is located at Harbin ai jian community, Daoli district, spread over 8000㎡. Facilities include a swimming pool, basketball hall, football hall, rugby hall, hockey hall to let EtonHouse students be exposed to different sports and cultivate different hobbies. The school opened in March, 2017.

The teaching team is highly qualified in early childhood education and the staff are of different nationalities. The multi-culture background of the teachers help students understand different cultures and learn in an international environment.

The curriculum is inspired by the International Baccalaureate (IB) teaching method. Through discovery and learning based on themes, according to the students’ interest, we provide a rigorous education to develop students’ critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities needed in today’s world. Our well designed learning environment is conducive in stimulating students in their learning and discovery. EtonHouse aims to cultivate confident, competent and responsible global citizens.

School address:DaoLi District,Harbin City,HongRun Road No.46


E-mail:[email protected]

This page was last edited on April 16, 2017