Principal’s Welcome


Dear parents,

As the principal of EtonHouse Pre-school Qingjian Lake Campus, It’s my honor to have an opportunity to pour blood on the children with you in the coming years, and I also look forward to the different light of these children in our Qingjian Lake campus!

Since the establishment of our school in 2017, we have always adhered to the teaching concept of inquiry- think-learn. Under the guidance of the Reggio Emilia teaching concept, all teachers and students are striving to cultivate independent thinking personality and develop students in an all-round way. Our school motto is dream big, plan well, work hard, smile always. Dreams, plans, efforts, and optimism are indispensable to complete and rich life.

At the same time, a good environment is particularly important for children in their school life. EtonHouse Suzhou Qingjian lake campus has a favorable geographical position and pleasant environment. All the teachers and staff are always committed to creating a forest-style teaching environment for children, so that our children cannot only learn in a dull environment but also embrace nature, better understand, learn and live.

Nowadays, the excellent environment and good style of study on campus are inseparable from the efforts of all the teachers and staff. All the glory is due to the silent efforts of some people behind. So the first lesson that children learn when they enter the campus is to be grateful for all those who bring them little happiness, then happiness, and finally strive!

Campus life for them is only a part of life, but on this road, we will try our best to let teachers become their guide, let the campus become a harbor for their souls, and hope that they will not forget their first heart and move forward!

For us, the campus is actually a piece of white paper, and the children are brushes, which add luster to us. Finally, I want to give the children a word: Here is your starting point, waiting for you will be poetry and distance!

Thank you!


Sally Zhu


This page was last edited on August 29, 2019