Principal’s Welcome


EtonHouse is committed to serving and practicing in the field of education, seeking outstanding quality and leading position. EtonHouse cultivates and endows each child with a positive lifelong learning attitude and becomes a confident citizen in the World. The curriculum focuses on complete educational concepts and best practice experience based on research. Recognize and tap the potential of each child; Establish an honest partnership with parents and communities; The group carries out continuous assessment, continuously develops and progresses to ensure the quality of high-quality education.

Since EtonHouse built up in Linyi, it has always adhered to the tenet of “everything for children”, creating a warm atmosphere, giving children kindness and wisdom, so that children can learn to survive and recognize, learn to do things and coexist in an atmosphere of love. In EtonHouse, our goal is to foster the balanced and all-round development of each child. In this environment, children’s curiosity is answered by their participation, and a wide range of materials are provided for children to learn in well-planned fields. We respect the laws of education, the characteristics of children’s physical and mental development, the personality of children, the sincere feedback of parents, our intentions and actions to repay society.

In EtonHouse, we always see materials in nature are collected, refined and transformed into a medium of painting by children. Children devote themselves to exploring the surrounding environment and seem to awaken nature. This is well illustrated in Malagucci’s poem “No Way. The Hundred Is There”. Children are “made up of 100 kinds”. Children’s 100 languages, children’s 100 thoughts, children’s expressions, and communication need to be respected and encouraged. This is exactly the idea and practice of Reggio and EtonHouse education. Kindergarten is the cradle stage of children’s growth, and early childhood education is the foundation stage of school education and lifelong education. As an educator and as a principal, I am deeply aware of the responsibility on me and the long way to go in early childhood education. I sincerely hope that the whole society will care about the cause of preschool education and jointly support our children to grow well.

Finally, I would like to thank all the employees’ hard work of EtonHouse in Linyi. We are such a big family and we have jointly created the success and glory belonging to EtonHouse. I would also like to thank my parents and friends for their support and encouragement in inspiring EtonHouse employees to create better education and teaching. I hope that every child who comes to EtonHouse will have a better, happier and broader life.

Wendy Liu

This page was last edited on November 26, 2020