Principal’s Welcome


Dear friends,

Welcome to EtonHouse International Pre-school of Singapore. The teachers here are friendly, dedicated and hard-working. They treat children as their closest friends instead of scolding them. But as to the rules that children must obey, they are very strict. Our teachers love children very much, in return, our children offer the same pure love. We advocate education that is natural, independent and free, besides, children are also allowed to learn in exploration.

Singapore is a multicultural country. It stresses the equal rights among people, so at EtonHouse we value festival education to children very much. we encourage children to learn about festivals of different nations as well as the relevant cultural backgrounds through various activities, meanwhile, we vividly help them know the fact that our EtonHouse International Pre-school of Singapore is a big family that is made up of people from different nations. Every nation has its special style, so on the one hand, we try to let our children enjoy the happy atmosphere, on the other hand, we would like them to know that every member of this big family should be valued and respected.

Our courses are mainly English education, while at the same time, we value Chinese education, words, phrases, and short sentences. We provide our children with a good language learning environment and chances to practice speaking all kinds of languages, enabling them to use at least two languages before entering primary school. We often receive leaders in the Bureau of Education and other kindergartens, and they give us recognition and encouragement, so let me show our gratitude to supporters from each side here! Of course, we can’t live without the cooperation from each family, as a result, we pay attention to interactive learning between families and EtonHouse, such s organizing the parent-child activity, sports meeting and parental lecture. Our teachers also make an appointment with parents to talk about their children face to face when it is convenient for parents. They will keep parents informed of children’s life and study conditions, present learning levels and difficulties in learning, moreover, teachers will answer each question raised by parents, and then according to these aspects, they can discuss children’s shortcomings, and come up with next common goal, in this case, the cooperation between parents and kindergarten can be the best, our parents can also have the knowledge of the great effect our EtonHouse have on their children, at the same time, we are able to help children better by improving communication and promoting mutual efforts.

Also, we lay emphasis on the interaction between children and objects. Materials reusing is a learning point, about which we can see from names. The different kinds of paper, cloth, bottles and tins, paper boxes and wooden chips we collect are called “waste” by us. We intend to help children understand emotions and attitudes towards environment protection through interaction between people and objects so as to urge them to educate themselves and affect others in the world of life.

At EtonHouse we clearly realize the fact that society is school. Places like museums, parks, zoos, and libraries are all good environment that is suitable for children to learn multicultural education. We will see communities as scenes for children’s study and development, and let them absorb nutrition independently in the hug of nature.

Our school makes training plans every academic term, including first aid training, making teachers know what measures they should take in case of any emergency, so your children can grow up healthily, safely and happily under our protection.

Our teachers try their best to design and carry out courses based on exploration all the time, and we really manage to serve for children’s learning of high quality. We do expect more families to join EtonHouse! Thank you for your companion and support!

Mrs. Judy Zheng
Executive Principal of Singapore International Pre-school in Jiangsu Province

  • Senior Kindergarten Teacher
  • Course Lecturer of Early Childhood Education
  • Psychological Consultant Grade 2
  • Child Game Therapist
  • Certified Positive Discipline Classroom/Parents Facilitator, USA
  • Child Health Care Project Expert of National Health Council

Thirty years of pre-school education has given Judy strong educational beliefs and guidance in her work, and she possesses rich experience in administration of school affairs and education. She has studied in depth in Reggio Emilia in Italy and in Singapore. She continuously focuses on the nature of young children and their expression of “one hundred languages,” creating a happy learning environment for children to “play” and “explore”, and designing and implementing the inquiry-based curriculum. She strives to ensure the quality of the curriculum, learning environment, staff, resources, and community activities, and to create a management team with solidarity, responsibility, and inclusive humanity for the campuses in Jiangsu Province, in order to provide high-quality and effective education for children.



This page was last edited on September 3, 2019