Principal’s Welcome


Dear parents, staff, children and interested community members,

EtonHouse International Pre-school Changshu opened in 1st September, 2015. It is a part of EtonHouse education group, located in Tonggang Road Four Seasons Garden with a modern European construction style, the pre-school has the total building area of 3122 m2. The campus offers renowned EtonHouse Inquiry-Think-Learn international early childhood programme founded on research-based best practice for children from 18 months to 6 years age group.

In EtonHouse Changshu, we believe that the child has a hundred languages, a hundred hands, a hundred thoughts, a hundred ways of thinking, of playing, of speaking, a hundred, always, a hundred ways of listening, of marveling, of loving, a hundred joys for singing and understanding, a hundred worlds to discover, a hundred worlds to invent, a hundred worlds to dream. In EtonHouse Changshu, we also understand that the environment plays a vital role in developing a happy, confident, secure and competent child with an inquiring mind. We, therefore, lay great emphasis on creating a carefully planned and well-resourced environment that is warm, welcoming and engaging. EtonHouse Changshu also offers an outstanding second language programme that lays the foundation for a strong bilingual foundation.

We believe that children bring to any learning encounter, an existing body of knowledge constructed from their past experience and interaction with the world. This knowledge forms the foundation for on-going learning.

Through purposeful listening and observation of children’s interactions with peers, adults, and materials, our teachers are able to reflect on and evaluate the child’s current level of skill, knowledge, and interest. In developing a profile of each child’s learning style and their existing knowledge base, teachers plan subsequent learning experiences designed to extend and complicate children’s thinking.

In the past four years, we gain a great reputation in the community, so we would like to take this great opportunity to thank all of our support, understanding families and staffs. It has been a wonderful year for all of us.

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