Principal’s Welcome


Dear parents,

Welcome to join EtonHouse International Pre-school, Zhuhai, Tangjia Campus! We are honored to have the opportunity to share the joy of your Children’s growth.

EtonHouse is deeply influenced and inspired by the educational concept of ‘Reggio’ and set ‘Inquiry, Think, Learn’ as our curriculum framework. We devote ourselves to build joy, diverse, and independent inquiry learning and living environment.

EtonHouse attaches great importance to the cultivation of children’s ability to understand life, development of potentials, independent exploration, and the ability to notice beauties. We believe that children have so many possibilities, that they have their own way of growing and expressing. We respect our children’s different growth path. We give our children enough freedom to choose the best action in their life. We believe that a healthy education relationship needs love. We accept everything about our children and we are willing to grow up with our children and be proud of their success every time.

EtonHouse has a warm and harmonious cultural environment. We have loving and intelligent foreign teachers, diligent and pragmatic administration staff. They all love, respect, understand and believe every child. Start at EtonHouse, we are waiting for you!



Lydia Chen

EtonHouse International Pre-School, Zhuhai Tangjia Campus

This page was last edited on August 30, 2019