Principal’s Welcome


Welcome to Singapore EtonHouse International Pre-School, Zhuhai Xiangzhou Campus.

At EtonHouse, green trees in the bushes of grass, full of the breath of nature and life.

At EtonHouse, a few stokes of color outline the melody of art and culture, make public the unique charm of personality.

At EtonHouse, we live, study, and play with our lovely children every day. There smile is the best medicine to eliminate hassle because we have expectation and hope. There is enough space for us to communicate with our children and to get the joy of creativity. Our teachers choose to devote themselves to Early-childhood Education because of love. They are willing to stay with our parents and help kids to grow up in a better way.

As the principal, I’m willing to share the common understanding with parents. Let’s take the responsibility to help our children get the best education.

As the principal, I’m willing to share the encouragement with our dedicated teachers. Let’s take care of every potential and unique child with active attitude and advanced education concept and guide them to learn to study, learn to behave, learn to survive, and learn to create.

As the principal, I’m willing to make a promise with our lovely children. I will always be your friend, listen to your heart, encourage you to get improvement, and feel proud of your success.

Hope we can hold our hands and stay together to devote our selves to the advanced education concept. Let EtonHouse become the best life start of every child. Hope our children can become an active lifelong learner and confident citizen of the world in the future.




This page was last edited on August 30, 2019