Principal’s Welcome


Children at EtonHouse enjoy learning and they will become a confident and bilingual citizen of the world in the future. Playing is the best way of exploring.

Our curriculums are based on effective practices and education researches. Our teachers will hold meetings regularly to discuss, share and solve different problems they met during daily teaching. We have an integrated teaching system, and every teacher should understand and make good use of our teaching system so that our curriculum can make good effects on our children.

Our staff also have attended many professional curriculum design seminars, so that they can develop their skills and knowledge. They will use these skills during their everyday teaching. EtonHouse supports our teachers and staff to develop professionally. We are prepared for the IB to recheck in the future.

We appreciated that our parents are joining and supporting us in many ways. Parents will join in our policies setting process so that they can make sure that their children are in a safe, caring, and positive learning environment. We will provide high-quality inquiry curriculums.

I also want to say thank you to our administration staff, managers, teachers, and parents. Thanks for their support and supervision. We are expecting for a successful new year!

This page was last edited on August 30, 2019