Principal Welcome


Alice Qu

EtonHouse undertakes a special mission to integrate the language, history and culture of the world into teaching as much as possible, so that children can recognize their national culture since young age and respect the culture of other countries, which commit themselves to children’s long-term development, cultivate children to become creative and become a worldwide citizen with critical thinking.

Located in the beautiful Suzhou Dushu Lake, EtonHouse International Pre-School Wuzhong has a beautiful campus environment, and this unique garden-like environment let children get in touch with nature. Teachers pay great attention to the feelings of children influenced by the classroom atmosphere and arranged various activities and exploration environments for the children elaborately.

EtonHouse is committed to curriculum research and teacher training. The growth of the teaching team requires continuous training and guidance. It requires a forward-thinking concept and an international education training platform. In the past two years, the number of teaching team has grown, we have done the training about Reggio approach for our teaching staff, and opened up the research of EtonHouse’s Inquire Think Learn courses, and studied children’s physical fitness development via assessment and tests. Our teacher team is constantly improving and growing, and is committed to cultivating children for exploration, special study, and becoming a lifelong learner who loves inquiry!

This page was last edited on August 12, 2019