Principal’s Welcome


Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome to EtonHouse Dalian. EtonHouse Dalian is a place where children become inspired and encouraged through the environment around them. Our school uses the Reggio education system to deliver EtonHouse’s Inquire-Think-Learn curriculum. This ensures that all our children receive the highest quality of education possible.

At EtonHouse, we respect the children’s ideas and interests. We believe our children are capable, confident, curious learners, showing good communication skills when playing with other children. At EtonHouse we see the environment as the third teacher. Our bilingual classrooms set up all our children to be successful, where teachers are given the power to promote learning in a positive and effective manner.

It is my great honor to provide this educational service to local children in Dalian. Together, myself, and team of teachers, will ensure all children entering Dalian EtonHouse will have a happy and wonderful childhood.

Welcome to Dalian EtonHouse, I look forward to meeting you soon.


I have been working in EtonHouse since 2010. Over the past 10 years, EtonHouse has helped me reach many memorable milestones, aiding in my growth both personally and professionally.

My roles at EtonHouse are as follows:

  • 2010/03 – 2011/01     Assistant teacher at Jinan EtonHouse kindergarten
  • 2011/01 – 2013/08     Core teacher at Jinan EtonHouse kindergarten
  • 2013/08 – 2018/10     Coordinator at Jinan EtonHouse kindergarten
  • 2018/10 – 2019/07     Chief coordinator at Jinan EtonHouse kindergarten


  • 2019/07 – Present      Principal of EtonHouse kindergarten in Dalian
  • 2019/03         Reggio Early Education seminar in Singapore
  • 2018/03         Assigned to work in Linyi
  • 2018/07         Assigned to work in Dalian

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