We CAN be both a great father and educator!


The most popular date for Father’s Day is the third Sunday in June. Becoming a father is a major milestone in the life of a man and it makes a man deeply understand what love and responsibility means.

At EtonHouse, we have many male teachers and male principals who are both fathers and educators at the same time and being a father helps them better understand children and education.

Today, we’re interviewing 3 handsome and lovely EtonHouse Dads. Let’s hear how they understand the responsibilities of being a father and how to get along with children.


Yi Xian Ng
Executive Director of EtonHouse Group

Q1: Please tell us more about your children.

I have two twin boys, their names are Kiran Ng 黄启光 and Keegan Ng 黄启亮. Right now, they’re only about 3 months old! Among the two, Kiran is active and assertive, while Keegan is more patient and likes to observe his surroundings. I’m amazed at the miracle of life, because even when they were in the womb, we could see how Kiran was always moving around!

Q2: How has being a dad changed you?

Everyday, I see how my children are constantly observing the world around them. Everything is new, wonderful and unexpected. And everything is a learning moment for them. They are constantly inquiring, always thinking and forever learning.

In Zen Buddhism, they say that you must have a “beginners mind”. Only that way can you learn more about what is around you. Whenever I look at my twins now, I am reminded of that saying.

Q3: As a father and as an educator at the same time, what are your thoughts on it? Has being a father changed your thoughts on education?
I sometimes joke that I have 12,000 children and now I have 12,002 children! But my brief experience raising them has made me truly appreciate the importance of education. Not just in school but how I as a father can teach my children at home. Afterall there is the Chinese saying, 修身齐家治国平天下。
Being a father has also made me reflect on my own personal image of child. How I see my children has a deep impact on how they will see themselves as they grow up. If I do not see my children to be confident and capable, how can I expect them to grow up that way?

Q4: What’s your favorite thing to do with your children?
I love to look into their eyes and see their innocence and wonder.


Allen Zhang

Principal of EtonHouse Suzhou Baitang

Q1: Please tell us more about your child.

I have a daughter who’s 6.4ys and her name is Cathy. She’s open-minded, optimistic, kind, sensitive and moody sometimes (especially after her little sister’s arrival). She loves dancing, singing and she’s a sport-lover!

Q2: What does your child think of you? what are the 5 words she’d use to describe you if we ask her?
The first word occurred to me is “UGLY”. Ha-ha.  I used to tell her I love her and asked her whether she loves me as well. She answered the same every time without hesitation “NO”. “Why?”

“Because you are ugly”

“It’s okay to be ugly, and I’m just a little ugly.”

“No, you are so so ugly”

(ends with laughter every time)

5 adjective words:  (a little) ugly, black, fat, silly and funny.

Q3: As a father and as an educator at the same time, what role does a father play in parenting in your opinion?

“Father” is a very heavy word with many responsibilities. While fulfilling these responsibilities, you will develop a sense of pride of yourself and your child. Love her all unconditionally before she/he is 6 years old. Always keep in mind that all her/his feelings should be accepted. “Children see, children do”, so do what you want she/he to do and be what you want she/he to be.

Q4: What’s your favorite thing to do with your child?

Enjoy everything that comes your way.

It was a rainy day. When We came out of the theater where we watched the play named Snow White, the rain had stopped, but it left many little puddles on the bumpy ground. Instead of persuading her to avoid the puddles, I encouraged her to step into them, because at that time, I remembered how happy I was when playing with the rain puddles in my childhood. I showed her how to beat with feet in the puddles along with singing. She was practicing Jazz drum then, so she had a good sense of rhythm. Actually she was very fond of this game and had a great fun with the puddles. On the way home, it rained heavily again. However, heavy rain didn’t make us frustrated at all, but put a big smile on our face.


Marc Coleman

Founding Principal of Dalian EtonHouse International School

Q1: Please tell us more about you and your children.

I have three girls, one from a previous marriage, Laura, who is a cardiologist in the USA. Second is Sathita, who is in her sophomore year at Sheffield University studying Psychology, and finally Chloe, who is with us in Etonhouse Dalian. They are all different, but all generally good. As to hobbies, they vary, one is very sporty, the others not so. All like technology, such as iPhone and computers. Chloe loves flying.

Q2: What do your children think of you? what are the 5 words they’d use to describe you if we ask them?
Hardworking, Understanding, Fatherly, Supportive & Informative.

Q3: As a father and as an educator at the same time, what role does a father play in parenting in your opinion?

It is important that children understand and take responsibility for their own actions. They have the right to have independent views but must be flexible to understand, the points of others. The world we live in is changing, values are changing, however, we must adapt. Understanding no everyone is as fortunate as they are.

Q4: What’s your favorite thing to do with your children/child?
Holidays to different locations, spending time as a family.

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