Middleton’s Debut in Suzhou


The mission and goals of international education are broad, ambitious and exciting. Most expat families aspire to sending their children to an international school, however up to now such an education has been out of reach to many.

Recently, EtonHouse International, a renowned international education group with 26 years’ history, announced the official launch of its Middleton brand in EtonHouse International School Suzhou. Middleton is well known for providing outstanding international education at a more affordable fee.

In 2017, EtonHouse International Education Group launched its Middleton brand in Singapore, aiming to provide high-quality education at an affordable fee, so that international education could benefit more families. By cutting costs without compromising on teaching quality, Middleton has been a huge success in Singapore, and now has more than 1,000 students! In March 2020, Middleton International School was EduTrust certified by the Singapore’s Committee for Private Education (CPE), thus is highly regarded for its high-quality education.

Middletion International Division

There is high demand amongst many ex-pat families in Suzhou and the surrounding areas for more affordable international education. EtonHouse International School Suzhou’s new Middleton division is an excellent option for such families. Open to foreign passport holders, tuition fees for primary school are only 87,000rmb, less than half of the average tuition fees for other International Schools in Suzhou. As throughout EtonHouse, all Middleton teachers are highly qualified and experienced, and the programmes offered are held in high regard globally. Middleton will run with a class size of maximum of 28 students. There will be a Singapore Math specialist dedicated to teaching the Middleton classes. Students will also have access to PE and Music specialists from the IB division of the school.

Middleton International Division combines the international philosophy of western education with highly-regarded elements of eastern education, to form a unique and comprehensive education system. Along with the high standards of the Singapore Ministry of Education curriculum for Mathematics, its primary curriculum is built around the units of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which dovetails with the Key Stages UK Curriculum for English, Science and Humanities. Used by over 1,800 international and national schools in more than 90 countries, the IPC provides a comprehensive, inquiry-based curriculum with specific learning goals for each subject and the student-oriented teaching approach, focusing on the cultivation of students’ comprehensive abilities.

In Year 1, the curriculum is based on EtonHouse’s unique Reggio-inspired Inquire – Think – Learn programme, so as to develop problem-solving global citizens with international vision. Adding new year levels other than Y1 and Y2 progressively, Middleton International Division will eventually grow to offer the International Middle Years Programme, then Cambridge IGCSE and A-Level, providing a complete K-12 education route.

Referring to the official launch of Middleton in Suzhou, Mrs. Ng Gim Choo, the Founder & Chairman of EtonHouse International Education Group, said, “Invited to Suzhou, China as early as 2003, EtonHouse opened our first international school for expatriate children in China. Nowadays EtonHouse has over 40 schools across the country, while we always consider and try to innovate the issue about making high-quality international education accessible to more families at lower costs. Benefiting from the global group operation, the brand of Middleton we created in 2017 has been a great success. There are many parents in China who share EtonHouse’s education philosophy and recognize our education quality. I have great confidence in Middleton’s launch in China and gladly welcome parents to visit our campus!” 
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This page was last edited on June 29, 2021