Meet The Mother-Son Duo Behind EtonHouse


EtonHouse International Education Group’s 25th Anniversary


1995 – 2020



On a Saturday morning, Mr. Ng Hark Seng and Mrs. Ng Gim Choo were awakened by their daughter, who asked to go to school even though it was a weekend. Her enthusiasm for learning moved them and planted a seed that would eventually lead to a paradigm shift in education. At that time, the family was expatriates in London. Upon returning to Singapore, Mrs. Ng Gim Choo, with the encouragement of her brother Mr Jimmy Oh, decided to pursue her dreams of starting a new school that is inspired by the best cultures and pedagogical approaches from around the world. Mrs. Ng founded EtonHouse in 1995, which has since helped countless young learners realise their full potential.

Today, 25 years after founding the school, EtonHouse gradually grew from a humble pre-school into an international education group with more than a hundred schools in over 12 countries. Mrs. Ng and her son and successor, Ng Yi Xian, recently had an interview with The Finder, a lifestyle media in Singapore. They shared about how the family has played a pivotal role in growing EtonHouse.

Here’s The Mother-Son Duo Who Have Put The Fun Back Into Learning

Mrs. Ng Gim Choo (left), Founder and Group Managing Director
Ng Yi Xian (right), Executive Director of EtonHouse

What inspired mum Ng Gim Choo to start EtonHouse International Education Group in 1995?

Her daughter’s experience in kindergarten when they lived in the U.K. “She enjoyed it so much that on the weekends she would put on her uniform and wait for me to bring her to school,” she recalls. Upon returning to SG, Gim Choo wanted to create such a world where learning was such a joyful experience. Today, EtonHouse boasts a stellar reputation and 120 schools in more than 12 countries, including 14 around the island. And Gim Choo’s son Yi Xian has since joined the family business.

Family Time FTW! 

While Covid has certainly been disruptive for their educational group, it’s been a boon for Ng family togetherness. New farther Yi Xian is treasuring every moment spent with his 6-month-old twin sons and enjoys spoiling them, too. He recently purchased a one-of-a-kind Manhattan Skwish wood rattle and a teether toy for the boys. Meanwhile, grandma Gim Choo says she has “fallen in love all over again” with the twins.

Simple Pleasures

Gim Choo starts her day with a walk. “I wake up at 5 a.m., take in the fresh air, and do my thinking.” Yi Xian, on the other hand, likes to do meditation. He has also started a podcast called A Different Path in which he interviews Singaporeans who have “dared to be different”.

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