EtonHouse Foshan International School Chinese High School open for enrollment.


Foshan EtonHouse International School Chinese High School enrollment for the 2021 school year is now officially launched!

It is known that many outstanding Chinese students rarely have access to high-quality international education resources. The more developed the city is, the scarcer the educational resources. With confidence in the Chinese education market and the on-going intention to become the top education service provider, EtonHouse Foshan campus is now open to recruiting Chinese students with dreams and determination.

Foshan EtonHouse International School Chinese High School is a development of the existing FEIS upper school department and scheduled to officially open in September 2021. The Chinese High School will set up 24 classes sharing the same campus as FEIS and provide 576 seats alongside the current international students. At this stage, CHS will focus on the students’ enrollment, marketing activities, team building and facilities preparation lead by Principal Lee under the supervision of Executive Principal O’Reilly.

The Chinese High School will inherit EtonHouse educational philosophy which is to develop the students’ ability to be life-long learners and confident global citizens. The future CHS students will stay with us for three full academic years undertaking the current Upper School curriculum – IGCSE and A-Level. Extensive culture exchanges, customized arrangement of courses and more scientific university application methods will be concentrated to ensure students’ final advancement in the intensive studies of six semesters.

The Chinese High school aims to provide elite education service with EtonHouse’s 25-year history and experience to more local Chinese families and to build the future with both local and international students together. We truly believe that, with great effort from our students, unlimited trust from parents and the generous support of the company, the CHS team is confident of outstanding success and the fulfilment of the pupils’ dreams and passions.

Foshan EtonHouse International School Chinese High School will officially begin their learning adventures in September 2021, and the enrollment work starts NOW!

This page was last edited on August 28, 2020