FEIS Enrollment Plans for 2017-2018 Academic Year


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Foshan EtonHouse International School is the one hundredth school in the EtonHouse group worldwide and has sister schools here, in China, as well as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Middle East and Kazakhstan.

FEIS offers the renowned British Education System to international students from the age of 2-18, in addition to the IB PYP accreditation programme. In the High School, FEIS offers the prestigious Cambridge A Level curriculum and exams, and will be preparing its students for entry into overseas colleges and universities in the USA, the UK and worldwide. The High School programme provides an intensive one or two year English language preparation for the A Level courses with the pupils living and working in the school, during the week, in beautifully designed safe, comfortable accommodation, with only two pupils to a room.

Pupils who graduate from FEIS will be strong, confident, well-balanced, successful leaders who are confident in not only the English language, but in the English approach to manners, courtesy, etiquette and behaviour. Throughout their time in the FEIS high School, the students will learn excellent work habits, they will succeed in a challenging curriculum and they will have experienced a number of community based volunteer opportunities. In addition, they will have learned to navigate different attitudes, approaches, cultures and behaviours, learning practical strategies for success and development.

International colleges and universities will expect evidence of all these experiences and FEIS will guide each pupil and family through the process of choice, application, essays and credits for all major universities overseas.



FEIS follows the highly acclaimed British A level examination process accredited by Cambridge International Exam Board (CIE). These well- recognized examinations are accepted at nearly all of the top 50 universities in the world, including more than 450 US Universities (and Ivy League), Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK and many more. Indeed, the standard of A levels is so high that it can result in up to a whole year of University credits in Canada and the US.

A-Levels are divided into two equal parts: the AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and the A2. Students usually take one year to complete each of these parts – AS in Year 12 and A2 in Year 13. To gain a full A-level it is necessary to complete both the AS and A2 sections of the course. Students usually take four AS courses in year 12 and then continue with a minimum of three A2 courses in year 13.

The A level courses and our pre- A Level courses are challenging and intensive so each applicant will have to take an entrance test to assess his or her suitability for the programme. In addition to the entrance testing, each candidate’s English capability and school reports/transcripts will be analysed by our team.

The A levels offered at FEIS are: English Language, English Literature, Mandarin, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies and Economics.

Genuine enthusiasm and a great work ethic in a subject is as important as ability, so deciding on which courses to take can be complex and thought-provoking. Our team will guide each student and his or her family through the choices, decisions and implications, individually. The team will also offer this support and guidance in choosing and applying to universities and colleges.


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At FEIS students are encouraged to become diligent, innovative, independent and confident learners who have a zest for life. Surroundings play an important part in our well-being and approach to life and so the Boarding Facility has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, safe and comfortable for our young men and women, for the Boarding staff and for everyone who learns and works within it.

The rooms each house only 2 students and each has its own bathroom. Sharing accommodation with only one other student allows for privacy, whilst still allowing for sociability and security. The Boarders have their own Common Room for socializing and of course, an evening Study Hall. Boys and girls are housed on completely separate floors and we have bi-lingual staff living on each floor, including a House Mother and Father.

All meals will be taken in the school dining room where our cooks prepare a mixture of international and western dishes. All Boarding pupils will partake of breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. They will be fed healthy, nutritious and varied meals to ensure maximum health and well-being.

In addition, our school Nurse (daytime) will monitor each child’s health, eating, wellbeing and weight. Our overnight Nurse will be monitoring overall health, attitudes, emotions and safety- both physical and emotional.

From Monday to Thursday each Boarder will have a physical activity in the late afternoon before dinner (gym, sports, swimming etc.) and all Boarders will have an hour of mixed socializing and relaxation every evening in addition to study, both group and individual.

A good night’s sleep is vital to challenging learning and we will be ensuring at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep from Sunday to Thursday nights!


Candidates: Above 15 years old

Application Process: Online/Phone registration  entrance exam (both spoken and written)

Performance-based scholarships

Admission hotline: 0757-66688333,188-1871-3355

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