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EtonHouse | It takes “ten years to grow a tree, a hundred years to shape a person. It takes more than one generation to build character, values and capabilities of a people.” The seed that Mrs Ng Gim Choo planted in her heart 25 years ago has grown into a towering tree through years of hard work and cultivation.

Once a student now a parent

EtonHouse | What started as a mother’s dream 25 years ago, is now a legacy that has nurtured generations of children.

EtonHouse | 伊顿25周年庆

EtonHouse | 一个充满可能性的城市,藏着一所有故事的学校

EtonHouse | 特别的爱给特别的你!Welcome Back to EtonHouse!

EtonHouse | 疫情无情人有情,来自新加坡伊顿管理层的问候

EtonHouse | A chat with our Founder about crisis

EtonHouse | 2019年教师节寄语-胡锦珠

EtonHouse | Happy Teachers’ Day 2019

EtonHouse | EAL Training in Shanghai 2019

EtonHouse | 2019教师入职培训(华东区)

EtonHouse Singapore | Community voice

EtonHouse | 伊顿日本轻井泽夏令营2018

EtonHouse | 徐州伊顿国际幼儿学校小熊班毕业季微电影

EtonHouse | 徐州伊顿国际幼儿学校2019年毕业微电影

EtonHouse | 徐州伊顿国际幼儿园 2019母亲节甜蜜祝福

EtonHouse | 瑞吉欧-儿童的100种语言 100 Languages Video

EtonHouse | 苏州伊顿国际学校演绎英国经典音乐剧 Oliver

EtonHouse | 瑞吉欧—光影教室 Light Studio with music

EtonHouse | 伊顿上海浦东南路校区 Who We Are Day

EtonHouse | 伊顿意大利瑞吉欧游学之旅2017

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