2019 EtonHouse Broadrick Holiday Programme




At EtonHouse, we believe in delivering an all-rounded education. That’s why we encourage our students to not only work hard but also play hard. In our diversed culture, your child can discover their potential and unleash their talents beyond what they learn in class.

Now, we will offer a unique opportunity for you to join our wonderful “English immersion” holiday programme organised by EtonHouse International School (Singapore) that allows you to appreciate the charm and beauty of the Lion city.

In the two-week “English immersion” holiday programme, you will:

  • Be completely immersed in English environment to get a whole picture of Singapore’s history, humanities, and customs. Your child will also have an opportunity to appreciate and experience Singapore’s unique multi-racial culture and explore the essence of Eastern and Western culture.
  • Set foot in the classroom of EtonHouse International School to experience international school education in person, which will open up international vision and cultivate international mindedness.



EtonHouse Broadrick holiday programme

Week 1: 9am-3pm,July 8 – July 12,2019
Week 2: 9am-3pm,July 15 – July 19,2019

Age: 4~9 years old

Address: 51 Broadrick Road, Singapore, 439501



SGD700 + 7%GST / week / student for the holiday programme.
* All students attending holiday Programme are required to purchase travel insurance in their country before the trip.

For enquiry:

Contact: Lily (China)
Tel: 021-5484 3192*8024/ 150 2116 9313
Email: Lily.hu@etonhouse.com.cn

Contact: Moncia (Singapore)
Tel: +65 6746 3333
Email: Monica.jiang@etonhouse.com.sg

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